“Phil is a brilliant lawyer and compassionate leader, with a heart for helping people. I met Phil 16 years ago during a phone call when I was considering law school. During that exchange, Phil not only helped me solidify my application strategy, but he also became my friend for life. Having worked for Phil as his TA during law school, I saw first-hand how he gets more done in a day than most people complete in a week. He role modeled leadership and a work ethic that made him a student favorite generally, but my favorite professor specifically. When Phil shared his plans to seek office, I immediately signed onto his campaign as an early member of Team Phil!  Last Spring, I joined Phil on his 64-county journey and as I watched him interact with the people we met along the way, I was in awe with his ability to connect with everyone from babies to seniors.  In the words of my grandmother, this guy has never met a stranger – Phil is the real deal!

Phil Weiser is a brilliant, compassionate leader who cares about people and my choice for Colorado AG; it is my prayer is that he is yours choice too!” #IAMWITHPHIL!”