“When Phil Weiser told me he was running for Attorney General, I was really happy. I mean, really happy; I can’t wait for him to be in this role. Phil is a special leader, a brilliant and amazing lawyer, and a champion of women’s rights and equal rights – the type of advocate women need from our Attorney General’s office.

Having worked with Phil during his time as Dean at the University of Colorado Law School, I know that his leadership on gender equity issues will be truly impactful. As a past President and longtime active member of the Colorado Women’s Bar Association, I don’t remember a law school Dean taking such an active role in partnering with us and supporting our mission to advance women in the profession the way Phil did as Dean. Among other things, Phil brought me to the law school to speak several times, including with the Women’s Law Caucus and at a Dean’s Leadership Luncheon; he brought together members of our legal community to examine a range of important challenges women face in the workplace, facilitating and participating in several programs personally; and he promoted women as speakers, panelists, presenters, and leaders.

Like so many women lawyers and law students, I have benefited personally from Phil’s support. Phil generously nominated me for the “Ms. JD” organization’s national Sharing Her Passion award, which I received. He supported my work as head of the Women’s Bar and he has supported me during my career. What’s amazing is how many other women he has taken time to support personally as well. As our next Attorney General, Phil’s commitment to fight for equal treatment in the workplace, to make the AG’s office a model workplace with respect to diversity and inclusion, and to spearhead best practices around supporting women in our legal and business community will make a big difference.

I encourage you to spread the word about Phil’s candidacy and the many reasons—including his commitment to gender equity and leadership on women’s issues—that he will make a tremendous AG for Colorado.”