“In 1999, after I stepped down from Congress, I took my experience to the classroom. That fall, I taught a seminar on separation of powers at the University of Colorado Law School with a (then) young law professor, Phil Weiser. The course offered me a chance to get to know Phil and to reflect on the importance of separation of powers and checks and balances.

That topic is more important today than ever because Congress is not exerting its “check” and holding the executive branch accountable. State Attorneys General—and not Congress—are now acting as a crucial—and often the only—check against unlawful or unconstitutional action by the executive branch. That’s one reason I am so happy Phil Weiser is now running to be Colorado’s next Attorney General. . .

I know that Phil Weiser, as Colorado’s next Attorney General, will ensure that Colorado enforces the laws fairly and with equal justice for all. . . By electing leaders like Phil Weiser, Colorado and the nation can continue to fulfill our constitutional traditions and ideals. I encourage you to join me in supporting him.”

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