“As District Attorney, I prosecute crimes on behalf of the public every day. However, a District Attorney wears many hats. Among the many ‘extracurricular’ responsibilities are, working with Legislators to craft new laws and run programs that serve our community, by reducing crime and helping victims heal. The Attorney General serves similar but broader aims all across the State. In the Democratic primary I am endorsing Phil Weiser for Attorney General.

Phil is a principled person who has served giants of the legal profession as a Supreme Court Justice Clerk, worked in the US Attorney General’s Office and as CU Law School Dean, helping grow a good Law School into a great Law School. More than that, as Attorney General, Weiser will be actively engaged in treating people fairly and problems aggressively, mirroring our community values. Please vote for Phil Weiser Attorney General in the Democratic primary. Bruce Brown, District Attorney, Fifth Judicial District.”