Amy Padden, former Democratic Candidate for Colorado Attorney General, suspended her campaign and issued the following statement:

“Today, I am suspending my campaign to be Attorney General of Colorado.

It is not because I am afraid of the fight ahead – I have never backed away from a fight and never will. But I have decided that it is best if I carry on this fight in a different way.

As I have campaigned across our state, I have gotten to know Phil Weiser very well. I have seen Phil in moments of stress, and he has shown the discipline and focus that a great Attorney General must have. And, at the State Assembly, where tensions were running high, I was very impressed by how he made time for his two young children. That tells me about his character and his priorities in life. And, Phil seems to know his way around a video game.

While I have great affection for the passion of Joe Salazar and great admiration for the nearly four decades of legal excellence of Brad Levin, as Democrats, we cannot afford a divisive primary. Nor will I stand by and allow someone with George Brauchler’s extremist agenda to take the Attorney General’s seat. When I worked at the Attorney General’s Office under John Suthers, I found that he was committed to running a fair and impartial office. That is what we need in our next Attorney General, and Phil Weiser is best positioned to provide that leadership.

Phil Weiser is a man of integrity with a deep commitment to his family, to our State, and to public service. He will serve with distinction, and I am honored to support his candidacy. As hard as I worked on my campaign, I will work just as hard to elect Phil.

There will be other battles in other arenas for Amy Padden. But, for today, I am here to take on the fight to ensure that Phil Weiser is our next Attorney General.”

In accepting the endorsement of Ms. Padden, Mr. Weiser stated: “When Amy Padden entered the race, I knew I had a tough and tenacious opponent. Ms. Padden did herself and her supporters proud. Never once did she resort to negative tactics. Her commitment to the Democratic Party, her interest in serving our state, and her dedication to electing a Democratic Attorney General never wavered. Her future in the law and in politics is bright, and I am proud to have her support. And, she claims she can beat me at pinball, so I will give her a chance to prove it.”