Which of the two candidates for State Attorney General will protect and defend the rights of ALL Coloradans, look for who is funding their campaigns. The only way to guarantee that our next State AG truly has the interests of all Coloradans in mind is support the candidate who is not in the pocket of big, out-of-state corporate interests: Phil Weiser. Throughout his campaign, Mr. Weiser has been clear about the need for transparent donations. He has built a people-powered campaign that will not be beholden to special interests. His opponent’s election effort has been almost entirely funded by the Republican Attorney General’s Association (RAGA). This DC-based group, formerly run by Scott Pruitt, includes as its donors the NRA, Purdue Pharmaceuticals – the Pharma company mainly responsible for the opioid crisis, and the Koch Brothers. How much has RAGA poured into Brauchler’s campaign? As of 9/14, according to Colorado Tracer, $1.1 million. In other words, for every dollar Mr. Brauchler has spent promoting his candidacy, RAGA has spent $75. It is naïve to believe that this money is being given without strings attached. My vote goes to transparency, getting dark money out of politics and doing what is right for ALL Coloradans. My vote goes to Phil Weiser.

JJ Levy, Ft. Collins