Colorado needs Weiser’s expertise, vision and leadership

I was sorry to see The Durango Herald’s endorsement of George Brauchler for Attorney General. The editorial failed to demonstrate a clear understanding of the role of AG and whose experience would best serve Coloradans.

The AG is the state’s top lawyer demanding executive, not “nuts and bolts,” experience to successfully oversee an office of almost 500 personnel and 270 lawyers. The AG protects our rights, especially from federal government overreach. Because of a TV ad showing Weiser losing sleep over Trump administration’s policies, the editorial suggested Weiser’s approach to AG was more distant than his opponent’s.

Hardly. I want the state’s AG to lose sleep over federal attacks on Coloradans’ right to clean air and water, a woman’s fundamental right to make decisions about her own body, to plan her family, and have access to health care. I want an AG to fight for fair treatment for all Coloradans, including immigrants like Edin Ramos of Bayfield who was deported last May leaving behind two businesses, his wife and two children.

The Herald stated that Weiser’s opponent was more practical and liked his idea to address the urban/rural divide by “putting more manpower in Colorado’s rural areas.” Yet, it was Weiser, as Dean of the CU law school, who founded the Rural DA program in 2014 to help put young lawyers in communities like ours. Weiser’s experience and acumen (he worked for Supreme Court justices Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Byron White; and served in the Dept. of Justice under Pres. Clinton and Obama) matches and exceeds that of three of the past four Democrat and Republican AGs when they took office.

Vote for experience. Vote your values. Join me, Gov. Hickenlooper and former Sen. Ken Salazar in voting Phil Weiser for Colorado AG.

Ellen Stein, Durango