Phil Weiser is the only qualified candidate for Colorado Attorney General. He understands the purpose of the attorney general’s office, and he will fulfill that role – as the lawyer who will protect the rights of all citizens of Colorado against the threats and inequities that would harm us. We especially need protection against out-of-state interests, including big businesses out to exploit us, and a federal government that has become a predator on many fronts.

The Coloradoan’s endorsement of Weiser’s opponent is absurd and a disservice to all the people of Colorado. The job is not about courtroom experience. It’s about being willing and able to provide expert legal action and advice in areas such as the opioid epidemic, health care, reproductive rights, immigration, gender inequality, and the health of our air, land and water, to name just a few.

Weiser has the education and experience to provide sterling legal expertise, and the management experience to operate an office that includes eight departments, 300 lawyers and 175 support staff. He will be the lawyer for all the people of Colorado, not just for the powerful, connected and wealthy.

Weiser’s campaign is funded by individuals and not by out-of-state dark money. It’s staffed by an army of committed volunteers who are Colorado residents. Let’s elect Phil as Attorney General and rid our state of politicians and businesses who are only out to exploit what we have here.

Judith Powers