Join me in voting for Phil Weiser for Colorado Attorney General. As a practicing attorney for 40 years, I take particular interest in learning about the qualifications, experience and reputation of candidates for certain elected positions, particularly the AG position. By a long shot, Phil is the best choice for this position.

Phil clerked for U.S. Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Byron White, he worked for the U.S. Justice Department under both the Obama and Clinton administrations, and he was Dean of CU Law School. He has top management experience as well as top legal experience on issues important to all of us in Colorado – consumers, rural and urban residents, employees and small business owners. Colorado’s Attorney General does far more than prosecute criminal cases; in fact, that is only a tiny fraction of the AG’s job.

Phil is also keenly aware of the role that Colorado’s AG can play in working with other attorneys general in the areas of health care, tech innovations and protections, consumer rights, environmental and water issues, protecting constitutional rights, and in influencing government policy in these areas. He will work in productive and cooperative ways to ensure that our beautiful wild lands are protected and best utilized by and for all of us, that our air and water is clean and used wisely, and that all Colorado residents receive the respect and fair treatment that we deserve. Please cast your vote for Phil Weiser!

Denise Bretting, Loveland