As a resident and practicing lawyer in Colorado Springs since 1969, I was very concerned by the Gazette’s September 14 editorial discussing the Colorado Attorney General race and specifically the background of candidate Phil Weiser. The Gazette omitted important parts of Weiser’s career, thereby misleading Colorado Springs voters.

First, the editorial erroneously argues that Phil Weiser has not practiced law, citing only his experience as a professor and dean of the CU School of Law. The article completely ignored his record as a law clerk to two Supreme Court Justices (Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Colorado’s own Byron White) and failed to mention his work at the Department of Justice managing complex consumer protection cases under two US presidents. Over his 24 year career Weiser has argued appellate cases, participated in trial litigation, negotiated contracts, and reviewed and drafted legislation. By leaving out any mention of these roles the Gazette missed the mark and painted a false picture for its readers.

Second, the Gazette suggests that to be qualified for the AG position one must have a criminal trial background, when in fact less than 10% of the AG’s duties focus on such work. The litigation experience cited by the editorial for past AG’s were appellate cases, which is a practice area where Phil Weiser has more experience than his opponent, Brauchler.

It is important that Colorado voters make their decision for the next Attorney General based on a full disclosure of the facts.

Phillip Kendall, Colorado Springs