Thanks to the Federalist Society for recently sponsoring the State AG debate where I heard two candidates that couldn’t be more different in their interpretation of the role of the Attorney General.

Phil Weiser supports many of the actions taken by other state AG’s to protect land, air and water. He believes in the importance of a well-informed comprehensive strategy for stopping suicides and murders by guns. He called for a lawsuit against Purdue Pharma before our state jumped on board. He has visited all 64 counties in Colorado and understands the immediacy that Coloradans feel about stopping opioids and gun deaths. People in our state are calling for action.

On the other hand, Mr. Brauchler seems to confuse the idea of action with the concept of “activism’. During the debate he could not name a single example of where, as AG, he would challenge the Trump administration. Not on kids being pulled from their families. Not on relaxed emissions and clear water standards that affect all Coloradans. Not on anything.

I went to this debate to understand where each candidate stood. And it is clear to me that I will stand with the candidate who thinks strategically, who views this job as a lawyer for the people of Colorado not as the prosecutor and who understands the difference between acting and sitting on the sideline. My vote goes to Phil Weiser for State AG.

Laura Sparks, Boulder