Phil Weiser Wins Democratic Attorney General Race

DENVER, Saturday, June 30 – The Phil Weiser for Attorney General campaign today announced Weiser has won the Democratic primary for Attorney General of Colorado. With 100 percent of counties reporting, Weiser received 50.43 percent of votes cast, to 49.57 percent cast for State Representative Joe Salazar of Thornton. He now goes on to face Republican George Brauchler in November.

In response to this victory, Weiser issued the following statement:

“I am humbled and honored by this win. I had a great call with Joe Salazar earlier today, and we are excited to work together to ensure Colorado has a Democratic Attorney General in 2018. Joe is a fierce advocate for social justice and a true fighter for those less fortunate, from the homeless to those treated unfairly by our criminal justice system. I am a far better candidate because of the experience running against him in this primary and share his commitment to listening to those who are not often heard.

“Coloradans care deeply about fairness and equal justice for all. Like Joe, I am excited by the record number of voters who participated in the primary and share his commitment to making sure every voice in Colorado is heard. Indeed, 590,000 Coloradans voted this week for a Democratic Attorney General, exceeding the number of votes cast for a Republican AG by more than 176,000. It is clear that Colorado is ready for a collaborative and innovative leader in the office of Attorney General at this time when our democracy is at stake.

“I’m looking forward to continuing to engage and educate people about this office and why they should care who represents them as Attorney General. This will be a difficult election — only two Democrats have won this office in Colorado in the past 70 years. But our supporters are energized and our campaign will work tirelessly to share our vision for how this office can improve the lives of all Coloradans.”

This victory is a testament to the Weiser campaign’s statewide, grassroots organizing achievements.  Since declaring his candidacy in May 2017, Weiser has visited all 64 Colorado counties, engaged over 1,000 active volunteers, and received financial support from almost 4,000 people. In April, Weiser won the State Assembly with 53 percent of votes cast.

Gov. John Hickenlooper Backs Phil Weiser for Attorney General

Today, the Phil Weiser campaign for Attorney General announced the backing of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. The announcement makes Weiser - a former clerk for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an Obama Administration official and the Dean of CU Law - the only statewide candidate the Governor has endorsed in this election.

Governor Hickenlooper explained his decision as follows:

“At our best, we Coloradans are creative, collaborative, and inclusive. We don’t look for leaders who divide; we look for leaders who can bring us together. Phil Weiser is just this sort of leader. He is also the only candidate in the race who took and stuck to the Clean Campaign Pledge. His values have shown through in the type of campaign he’s running - a  positive, optimistic campaign about ideas aimed at building up all of Colorado. That’s the sort of leadership we need.”

The governor continued, “Phil’s track record as the executive of large legal organizations, from Barack Obama’s Justice Department to our CU Law School, shows he knows how to get things done, and get them done right. Phil will be an extraordinary Attorney General, and I wholeheartedly support him.”

Governor Hickenlooper is the eighth current or former statewide elected official to have endorsed Weiser’s campaign. Weiser has also been endorsed by former Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar, former Governors Bill Ritter and Roy Romer, and others.

The Primary Election will be held on June 26, 2018.

For a full list of endorsements and more information about Weiser’s campaign, as well as his stance on important issues facing Coloradans this election year, go to

Click here to see the full article on Denver Post.

Phil Weiser

Press Release: Phil Weiser Releases First TV Ad

Phil Weiser Releases First Television Advertisement in Race for Colorado Attorney General

DENVER, CO, May 21, 2018 – Today, the Phil Weiser for Attorney General campaign released its first television advertisement of the 2018 election cycle. Entitled “Preoccupied,” the video depicts Weiser’s path to run and his vision for the next Attorney General of Colorado.

The 30 second spot opens with a scene of Weiser watching the 2016 presidential election results, explaining “this was the night that I decided to run for Attorney General.” The ad proceeds to show Weiser writing down all the ways “[I can] protect Colorado from Donald Trump,” on topics like voting rights, predatory lending, net neutrality, civil rights, gun safety, and protecting clean water and public lands.

“Some ideas,” explains Weiser, come from his professional experiences – working in the U.S. Department of Justice under Presidents Obama and Clinton, clerking for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and serving as Dean of CU Law School. Other ideas, continues Weiser “come from being a dad.”

The ad features appearances by Weiser’s wife, Dr. Heidi Wald, and their two children. It also features a cameo appearance by Ken Salazar, former U.S. Secretary of the Interior, U.S. Senator, and Attorney General of Colorado. Salazar was an early supporter, backing Weiser since his campaign launch in May 2017.

In the final scene of the Weiser family hiking on Mount Falcon, the narration by Weiser gives name to the ad explaining, “my kids will tell you, I’ve been a little preoccupied.” It ends with the campaign’s slogan, “Stronger. Fairer. Weiser.”

The ad will run statewide through the June 26 primary election.

Bill Ritter

Governor Bill Ritter Endorses Phil Weiser for Colorado Attorney General

DENVER, CO, May 15 – Today, the Phil Weiser campaign for Attorney General announced another prominent endorsement, from Colorado’s 41st governor Bill Ritter.

Said Ritter, “Phil Weiser is an important leader in Colorado and will be a great Attorney General.  I have worked with Phil since 2005 and can attest to his legal mind, his leadership abilities, and his commitment to building a 21st century economy here in Colorado.”

The governor continued, “Climate change represents a pressing threat to our land, air, and water and we need our next Attorney General to be a force for progress.  Phil will be that Attorney General, leading on clean energy technologies, promoting broadband, and fighting for opportunities for all Coloradans.”

Weiser responded to the support, “I joined Bill Ritter’s 2006 Gubernatorial Campaign and worked with his administration as the Co-Chair of Colorado’s Innovation Council, promoting access to broadband, building startup communities, and supporting  a clean energy agenda. I am honored to have his support as I continue to work on these issues and campaign to be Colorado’s next Attorney General.”

Governor Ritter, who also served as the District Attorney for Denver, is the seventh statewide elected official and the second former governor of Colorado to endorse Weiser’s campaign. Last month, Governor Roy Romer also backed Weiser’s bid for Attorney General.  


To date,  the following individuals who held statewide elected office in Colorado have endorsed Phil:

Phil Weiser

Local Elected, Nationally Appointed Colorado Law Enforcement Leaders Endorse Phil Weiser for AG

Stan Garnett, John Walsh Among Five leaders in Colorado Law Enforcement to Back Weiser, Touting his Commitment to Public Safety for all Coloradans, and Proven Ability to Collaborate with District Attorneys, Sheriffs, and Law Enforcement Across the State

DENVER, CO, May 2, 2018 – Today, the Phil Weiser Attorney General campaign released a series of endorsements from law enforcement leaders across Colorado. The supporters – including a former U.S. Attorney for Colorado, the Sheriff of Boulder County, and current and former District Attorneys from Boulder, Pueblo, Clear Creek, Eagle, Lake and Summit counties – celebrated Weiser’s commitment to collaborative law enforcement to protect public safety and fight for opportunity for all Coloradans.

Stan Garnett, who ran for Attorney General in 2010 and served as Boulder County’s top prosecutor, explained that “Phil will work well with our State’s District Attorneys, Sheriffs, and other leaders in law enforcement to protect the public, address critical issues like the opioid crisis, and ensure that our criminal justice system works effectively and fairly.”

John Walsh, appointed by President Barack Obama to oversee criminal prosecutions and federal civil cases across the state as the U.S. Attorney for Colorado, said Weiser would “fairly and aggressively” protect public safety “across every county and corner of Colorado.”

District Attorneys Jeff Chostner and Bruce Brown both highlighted a fellowship program launched by Weiser as Dean of the University of Colorado Law School, for recent law school graduates to work in prosecutor offices across the state, citing his commitment to serve all of the people of Colorado. Chostner is the DA for Pueblo County and president of the state’s District Attorneys’ Council. Brown is the DA for Colorado’s Fifth Judicial District, representing Clear Creek, Eagle, Lake, and Summit counties.       

Joe Pelle, Sheriff of Boulder County, said that sheriffs and law enforcement officials can look to Weiser as an innovative partner to help protect the public and address important issues like the opioid crisis and gun safety.

In response to the support, Weiser stated:

“We need an Attorney General who works collaboratively with law enforcement across the state to protect and represent all of Colorado.” He continued, “It has been my honor to work with dedicated public servants across the state, throughout my career, to build successful programs that accomplish just that. I look forward to continuing my successful track record of partnering with sheriffs, prosecutors, and their teams to serve Colorado as our next Attorney General.”

Full text of each endorsement appears below.

Stan Garnett, former District Attorney for Boulder County, former Democrat candidate for Colorado Attorney General

"Phil Weiser is the best choice to be Colorado's next Attorney General.  Phil's commitment to public safety, defending our constitutional freedoms, and fighting for all Coloradans will make him a great Attorney General.  In his work in the Obama Administration and as the Dean of the CU Law School, Phil demonstrated his leadership skills, his commitment to helping improve people's lives, and his dedication to the rule of law.  As our Attorney General, Phil will work well with our State's District Attorneys, Sheriffs, and other leaders in law enforcement to protect the public, address critical issues like the opioid crisis, and ensure that our criminal justice system works effectively and fairly."

John Walsh, former U.S. Attorney for Colorado, former Chairman of the national Attorney General Advisory Committee

"Phil Weiser will ensure that the Colorado Attorney General’s Office works with law enforcement across the state to protect our public safety in every county and corner of Colorado – and to do that crucial job fairly and aggressively.  He is committed to bringing 21st Century law enforcement strategies and technologies to bear on behalf of all Coloradans – and to prosecute wrongdoers and to help victims of crime and of the opioid crisis that plagues our state. I’m proud to support him." 

Jeff Chostner, District Attorney for Pueblo County and President of the Colorado District Attorneys’ Council

"We need an Attorney General in Colorado who will work effectively with District Attorneys, Sheriffs, and other law enforcement officials across the state to protect the public and keep us safe.  Phil Weiser will be that Attorney General.   As the Dean of the University of Colorado Law School, he worked with District Attorneys across the State to develop a fellowship program that brought recent law school graduates into DA's offices across the state.  And as both as a Dean and as a candidate, he has demonstrated his commitment to all of the people of Colorado."

Bruce Brown, District Attorney for the Fifth Judicial District of Colorado, representing Clear Creek, Eagle, Lake, and Summit Counties

"Our Attorney General is our state's chief law enforcement officer and it is important to find someone of the utmost integrity, commitment to equal justice for all, and an ability to collaborate effectively with leaders across the state.  Phil Weiser has demonstrated his values, legal knowledge, and leadership ability in a range of positions, including as the Dean of the CU Law School.  In that position, he also showed that he cared about supporting law enforcement in rural areas, developing a unique fellowship program that placed recent law school graduates into prosecutors' offices.   He also demonstrated that he cares about the whole state, building relationships across Colorado and working to support access to broadband Internet access across Colorado.  As our next Attorney General, he will be a great lawyer for all Coloradans."

Joe Pelle, Sheriff of Boulder County

"Colorado needs Phil Weiser as our next Attorney General.  Phil will work with sheriffs and other law enforcement officials across the state on a range of important issues, including addressing the opioid epidemic, enforcing Colorado's common sense gun safety laws, and improving gun safety by banning bump stocks. We can also count on Phil to look for innovative ways to help law enforcement officials protect the public. This is the sort of leadership Phil will provide as our next AG."

Phil Weiser

Press Release: Phil Weiser Receives Majority of Delegate Support at Colorado State Assembly

BROOMFIELD, CO, April 14 – Phil Weiser received 52.87 percent of delegate votes cast in today’s State Assembly hosted by the Colorado Democratic Party, winning top line on June’s primary ballot. He earned over 16 percent more than the next AG candidate, Colorado Representative Joe Salazar, who received 36.58 percent of votes cast. Amy Padden received 10.54 percent. In total, Weiser received 1,805 of 3,414 votes cast for Attorney General.

In an impassioned speech to the assembly, Weiser described his commitment to defend constitutional freedoms, fight for opportunity for all Coloradans, and protect the state’s land, air, and water. Weiser also discussed his visit to all 64 counties in Colorado, what he learned from listening to people across the state, and what type of leader he will be as Colorado’s next Attorney General.

Joined by his family on stage, Weiser dedicated a portion of his speech to acknowledging his mother, Estare Weiser, who was liberated from the Buchenwald concentration camp on April 14, 1945 – 73 years ago today.

Explained Weiser, “It is my great honor to share my vision for the Attorney General’s office with so many of our party’s most engaged representatives at State Assembly. As someone who has never run for office, it is uplifting to win the support of the Democratic Party and receive the top line for the June primary. This accomplishment reflects the hard work of the over 1,000 volunteers who have joined me on this journey. I look forward to building on this support as we continue to engage voters in advance of the June 26th primary.”

Phil Weiser

AG Candidate Phil Weiser Committed to Both Caucus And Petition Ballot Access Process

Phil Weiser, Democratic candidate for Colorado Attorney General, announced that he is committed to seeking his party’s nomination both through the caucus-and-assembly process and through a statewide petition plan. Phil issued the following statement statement explaining his decision to take this “all-of-the-above” approach.

“From the very start of this campaign, I have involved and engaged as many Coloradans as possible. Many leaders in our party and citizens have emphasized to me that, for Democrats to be successful in 2018, we need to build as much support as possible.  To do just that, I am choosing an all-of-the-above approach to getting on the ballot, enabling more people to be a part of my campaign.

As a participant in our caucus and County and State Assembly process in past campaigns, I am looking forward to engaging our party’s leaders in that process as a candidate in this race.  The caucus process provides citizens with an opportunity to hear from each and every candidate.  I look forward to meeting with and learning from them and to working my hardest to earn their support.

To broaden our outreach, we will also conduct a statewide, volunteer-driven petition campaign to help get our message out statewide. With more than 600 volunteers, we are in a position to use this process to talk to voters in every part of the state, share my vision for the Attorney General’s office, and expand our team.  Building such support will enable us to prevail in November, when we will need to build on and expand our volunteer network around the State.”


Phil Weiser is the Hatfield Professor of Law,  Dean Emeritus, and the Founder and Executive Director of the Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado Law School. He served in the Obama Administration as a Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the U.S. Department of Justice and as Senior Advisor for Technology and Innovation at the White House’s National Economic Council. Phil lives with his wife and two children in Denver.

Phil Weiser in Pueblo

Weiser Builds Deep Pueblo Support for His Attorney General Campaign

When Phil Weiser kicked off his campaign to be Colorado's next Attorney General on May 20th, 2017, he did so in Pueblo, Colorado. Phil explained that both Ken Salazar and JD MacFarlane, the two Democrats elected Colorado Attorney General in the last 70 years, both mentored him and emphasized how important Pueblo is to Colorado. That's why Phil opened his campaign in Pueblo and has come back regularly since, including for Wally Stealey's memorial service. Both Salazar and MacFarlane have endorsed Weiser, calling him the best person to follow in their footsteps by serving as the lawyer for all of the people of Colorado.

After Phil's speech in May, he stopped by Josh Luna's law school graduation party. As the Chieftain has explained, Josh is a very special young lawyer. He graduated first in his class from University of Colorado Law School where Phil was the Dean. More impressively, his classmates-many of whom came to his party-celebrated at graduation his collaborative spirit and commitment to serving others. At the graduation party, Phil spoke about his own family history and how it drove him to public service (Phil's mom and grandparents survived the Holocaust before coming to this country) and bonded with the Luna family, including Josh's grandmother, who served as the Otero County Clerk. One person at that party was Pueblo City Councilman Dennis Flores, who struck up a friendship with Phil and is now a leading supporter in Pueblo.

Pueblo was not new to Phil, who had visited as the Dean of the University of Colorado Law School Dean and helped Josh's sister Tonya secure a post-graduate fellowship with Colorado Legal Services. At Phil's campaign visits to Pueblo, local Colorado Law alums and local Democratic activists have remarked that, unlike some running for political office, we know that Phil will care about Pueblo once he is in office because he cared about Pueblo before he became a candidate. Another supporter of Phil's is Dennis Maes, whose distinguished career included his service as a judge, practicing lawyer, and now School Board Member. Judge Maes knew Phil from his leadership at Colorado Law and praised his support for all parts of Colorado, his commitment to diversity and inclusiveness (which earned Phil an award from the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association), and his innovative leadership. Taylor Voss, also a member of the School Board, endorsed Phil as well, citing his leadership in the entrepreneurship community and his commitment to supporting Pueblo.

Finally, Phil has earned the support of two current Pueblo County Commissioners (Garrison Ortiz and Sal Pace) and one former County Commissioner (Anthony Nunez). Both Commissioners Ortiz and Pace explained that they were endorsing Phil because of his sincere engagement in understanding the issues facing Pueblo and his interest in working with the Pueblo County Commission on important issues.

"Pueblo is a vital community here in Colorado, it is essential to our past, present, and future, and I am committed to working with leaders here to support a vibrant future," Weiser explained. "I am honored to have the support of a terrific group of leaders. My commitment to Pueblo will continue long past this election and will include working on opportunities, such as improving education, job training, and infrastructure (be it by bringing it up to Mirantis standards or to similar measures) as well as taking on challenges, such as the opioid crisis. Like Ken Salazar and JD MacFarlane, I will be an Attorney General who works collaboratively with leaders across our State to represent all of the people of Colorado. We have enough political games in Washington. We need our leaders here, like the tremendous individuals supporting me on this journey, to focus on innovative problem solving. I look forward to working with them in the years ahead."


Phil Weiser

Press Release: Phil Weiser Announces Run for Colorado Attorney General

Today, Phil Weiser announced that he is running to serve Colorado as its next Attorney General and has registered his candidacy with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office.

“We are facing challenging times and a dysfunctional federal government,” Phil said. “We need strong, compassionate leadership from our next Attorney General to fight for opportunities for all Coloradans and to protect our freedoms. I am the child of a Holocaust survivor who came to this country at a young age. I personally benefited from this nation’s commitment to freedom and opportunity and I am committed to defending the American Dream for our next generation.”

To launch Phil’s campaign for Attorney General, he will deliver an announcement speech on Saturday, May 20 at 11:30 a.m. in Pueblo at the Pueblo County Courthouse. He will follow up that speech with appearances at the Pioneers Museum in Colorado Springs on Saturday, May 20 at 3:30 p.m., then at the Garfield County Courthouse in Glenwood Springs on Monday, May 22 at 11 a.m. He will then hold an announcement party and kickoff event at Backyard on Blake on Wednesday, May 24 at 4 pm. His website,, sets out his agenda and offers Coloradans the opportunity to engage with his campaign.

Phil’s commitment to public service started with his first job after law school, when he came to Colorado in 1994 to serve as a law clerk to Judge David Ebel on the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. He then clerked for both Justice Byron White and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the U.S. Supreme Court before joining the U.S. Department of Justice under President Clinton as counsel to the head of the Antitrust Division. He subsequently joined the University of Colorado Law School faculty in 1999. In 2009, President Obama appointed him as Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division and in 2010 brought him into the White House as the Senior Advisor for Technology and Innovation where he spearheaded President Obama’s Wireless Initiative.

Phil’s leadership at the University of Colorado Law School included the founding of the successful Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship and his service as Dean of the Law School. As Dean, Phil defied the challenging national environment for law schools, increasing admissions while they decreased nationwide, lowering average student indebtedness by holding tuition constant and doubling scholarships, coaching and advocating for students to increase their employment opportunities, and was named one of the most influential leaders in legal education. He also forged creative collaborations, including a rural District Attorney fellowship program (working with the Colorado District Attorney’s Council), diversity and inclusiveness efforts (earning recognition as the Corporate Partner of the year from the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association), and launching successful new programs at CU Law (including the Daniels Fund Program on Ethics and Professionalism, the Korey Wise Innocence Project, and the Bench and Bar Conference).

Phil’s leadership on entrepreneurship and innovation in the Colorado business community and on the CU campus has supported the development of new companies, successful careers, and a new appreciation for how lawyers can be entrepreneurial and innovative. In particular, he brought the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network to Colorado (attracting a $3 million grant to Colorado), co-founded Startup Colorado (spearheading the successful Startup Summer program), and served as the founding Faculty Director for the CU Boulder Entrepreneurship and Innovation Initiative.

Phil lives in Denver with his wife, Dr. Heidi Wald, and his two children.