Press Release: In First Public Debate of the General Election, Phil Weiser Outlines Positive Vision for Protecting Coloradans' Rights as their Attorney General

GRAND JUNCTION, Saturday, September 8 – This evening, Phil Weiser and George Brauchler each made their case to be Colorado’s next Attorney General at a candidate debate hosted by Club 20 in Grand Junction, Colorado. Widely considered the unofficial kickoff of the state’s general election season, it was the first public forum between the two candidates and showcased their substantial differences on topics ranging from broadband access to public health and civil rights, before a lively and engaged audience.

Weiser, often interrupted by applause, outlined how as Attorney General he would lead the way in protecting the rights of all Coloradans. He  clearly laid out an agenda that focused on equal rights for all, ensuring every Coloradan is treated fairly regardless of who they are or where they come from, and for protecting Colorado’s land, air and water.  

Weiser also outlined his vision for an Attorney General’s office that leads with creative solutions in a range of areas affecting all Coloradans. In particular, Weiser spoke of collaborative solutions to problems affecting Western Colorado, including lack of access to broadband, addressing the opioid epidemic by suing irresponsible pharmaceutical companies to fund drug treatment programs, and protecting and preserving Colorado’s water rights.  

Brauchler refused to address how he would approach Roe vs Wade, a top of mind concern following this week’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Brauchler reaffirmed his earlier written statement: “I believe the results of the Roe v. Wade opinion are wrong and do not make us a better people. I believe that Roe v. Wade was decided based on a claimed right that was interpreted from—not expressed within—our Constitution.” When asked if as Attorney General he would submit an amicus brief in defense of Roe if that decision were challenged in the Supreme Court, Brauchler said only,  “I’d have to think about that.” In contrast, Weiser has unequivocally proclaimed his support for women’s reproductive rights and has vowed to join Attorneys General around the country to protect a woman’s right to choose.

In short, Weiser presented his positive vision for leadership that stands up for all Coloradans, based on listening to their concerns and using the range of tools in the AG’s office to protect them and their rights.

Press Release: Phil Weiser Campaign Breaks $2 Million Raised in Attorney General Race

With over 1,000 Colorado donors this period, and more than 4,600 overall, Weiser breaks fundraising record for any AG candidate in recent state history

DENVER, Thursday, September 6 – Phil Weiser’s campaign for Attorney General today announced over $347,000 raised in the reporting period between July 28 and August 29, 2018. Weiser’s fundraising total since declaring his candidacy in May 2017 now exceeds $2 million – nearly double the record for total funds raised by a statewide campaign in a non-Gubernatorial race under modern campaign finance laws.

In this reporting period, Weiser reported over 1,000 Colorado donors, bringing the total number of Coloradans who have contributed to the campaign to over 4,600. Weiser heads into September with over $300,000 cash on hand.

Weiser thanked his donors for their sustained support: “I am inspired and humbled by the enthusiasm for this people-powered campaign. The engagement in our campaign continues to build, from record voters in the Democratic primary election, Coloradans showing up at events across  the state, and by the number of volunteers and donors supporting this effort.  Coloradans are looking for an Attorney General who will defend their rights, ensuring that everyone is treated fairly, fighting for equal justice for all, and protecting our land, air, and water. I will be that Attorney General.”

The record for total funds raised by a statewide campaign, for a non-Gubernatorial state race, is the approximately $1.05 million reported by Cary Kennedy’s 2010 campaign for Treasurer.  After the 2002 election cycle, new campaign finance laws were put in place that drastically limited donations. These laws banned corporate contributions and greatly lowered the donation maximum to statewide races.


Phil Weiser is the Hatfield Professor of Law, Dean Emeritus, and the Founder and Executive Director of the Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado Law School. He served in the Obama Administration as a Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the U.S. Department of Justice and as Senior Advisor for Technology and Innovation at the White House’s National Economic Council. Phil lives with his wife and two children in Denver.

Vice President Biden Endorses Phil Weiser

“Phil Weiser is a true innovator and dedicated public servant. We need more people like Phil in public office and that’s why I am proud to join President Barack Obama in my endorsement. I’ve seen firsthand his commitment to the values that make Colorado a leader in protecting our land, air, and water, and building a clean energy future. The people of Colorado deserve an Attorney General like Phil to protect those values, fight for hard-working Americans, and ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with equal justice under the law.”

– Joe Biden, Former Vice President of the United States

What I Learned from Joe Biden

Working with Vice President Joe Biden in the Obama White House was a highlight of my career.  His approach to public policy taught me the importance of understanding issues from the perspective of hard-working people — from farmers to police officers to family members.  Vice President Biden always sought to ensure we developed policies that are fair and easy to understand.  I continue to admire his deep and genuine interest in people, which makes him such an outstanding and highly respected public servant.

Vice President Biden oversaw the Recovery Act, which included working to promote broadband deployment across the United States, encouraging energy innovation, and building an interoperable wireless broadband network for first responders.  I had the great opportunity to spearhead the broadband initiative with the VP’s office, and under his leadership, we brought a sense of urgency and valuable human element to the mission — focusing on the police officer or firefighter whose life could be saved by such a network.

The Vice President was famous for asking “how would I explain this to my grandmother?” – something I could easily relate to. When I joined Vice President Biden on stage in Colorado to highlight our state as a center of energy innovation, he asked me how he could explain the importance of energy innovation to his grandmother.

Like Vice President Biden, I often think of my grandmother, who I called Bubby. Indeed, my Bubby, like Vice President Biden, was positive and resilient in her disposition.  She believed in a better future, and as an immigrant to the United States, she deeply appreciated what our country stands for—treating everyone equally and being fair to all.  Those are the values Vice President Biden stands for, my family stands for, and the very values that are at the heart of my campaign.  I am honored to have the support and endorsement of Vice President Biden – one of our country’s most inspiring leaders.

Phil Weiser Raises Over $245,000 in First Month of General Election

Weiser Vows to Overcome Dark Money Election Influence with People-Powered Campaign

DENVER, Thursday, August 2 – Phil Weiser’s campaign for Attorney General raised over $245,000 in monetary contributions in the first month of the general election. These funds came from roughly 900 unique donors, more than 75 percent of whom hail from Colorado. In total, Mr. Weiser’s campaign has received contributions from nearly 5,000 unique donors, 80 percent of whom live in Colorado. His campaign begins the month of August with over $267,000 cash on hand.

In an election where the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) has already spent well over $500,000 on behalf of his opponent George Brauchler, Weiser highlighted the significance of his donor-base and volunteers:

“I am proud to run a transparent and people-powered campaign. I am inspired by the enthusiastic engagement of our supporters who have embraced our vision of principled and innovative leadership. As a candidate for office and as Colorado’s next Attorney General, I am deeply committed to fighting for our democracy. Together, we will overcome the corrosive influence of dark money that is eroding confidence in our elections, sowing distrust in our institutions, and undermining good governance.”

RAGA has already spent over $535,000 in television advertisements on behalf of Brauchler. By contrast, the Brauchler campaign reported less than $30,000 raised from disclosed donors during this most recent reporting period.

Last cycle, RAGA invested a historic amount–approaching $3 million- in the 2014 campaign of Republican Attorney General Cynthia Coffman. The Washington, D.C.-based organization collects and spends large amounts of “dark money,” including from out-of-state companies seeking to influence elections without disclosing their involvement.

Earlier this week, Weiser’s campaign was endorsed by Fight for Reform, the non-federal arm of End Citizens United, the largest grassroots organization dedicated to fighting against dark money in politics, for campaign finance reform, and for the overturning of the Citizens United decision.

President Obama endorses Phil Weiser

Today, President Barack Obama endorsed me to be Colorado’s next Attorney General.

I had the honor of serving in the Obama Administration as a Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the U.S. Department of Justice and as Senior Advisor for Technology and Innovation at the National Economic Council. In the Obama White House, I experienced firsthand the values that animated President Obama’s campaigns and his Administration—his commitments to bring people together, build a better future through creative problem solving, and fight for equal justice for all. President Obama’s example will guide me as I lead the Colorado Attorney General’s office.

In today’s statement — which announced President Obama’s first wave of endorsements for candidates across the country — he praised me and others for their role in “upholding our fundamental commitment to justice, fairness, responsibility, and the rule of law.”  In running to be your next Attorney General, these ideals are my True North.  I will remain dedicated to serving with fairness and integrity once elected.

The President also reiterated his belief that “our long-term challenges can be addressed best when we all take a more active role in our democracy.”  I am proud to join those Obama administration alumni who took to heart his call to “grab a clipboard, get some signatures, and run for office yourself.”  It is a great honor to move forward on my campaign with President Obama’s support.

Conservation Colorado Endorses Phil Weiser for Attorney General

Conservation Colorado, the state’s largest statewide environmental advocacy organization, announced this week its endorsement of Phil Weiser for Attorney General.

“When it comes to safeguarding our environment and our Colorado way of life, one of the most important elected officials in Colorado is the attorney general. As the lawyer for the people of Colorado, the Attorney General has the power to act on behalf of all Coloradans and uphold our values,” said Maria Handley, acting executive director of Conservation Colorado. “Phil Weiser will ensure that Colorado prioritizes the health and safety of our people and our environment. As Attorney General, he will be a leader in addressing climate change, preventing unsafe oil and gas development, and protecting our public lands and rivers.”

Phil added, “I am honored to be endorsed by Conservation Colorado, Colorado’s largest state environmental organization. As Attorney General, I will lead the fight to address the reality of climate change, not deny it. I will protect our public lands and ensure we have clean air and water, standing up to the Trump  agenda and suing our federal government when necessary to protect Colorado. I am proud to join Conservation Colorado, which has led the way for over 50 years to protect Colorado’s land, air, and water, to fight for our children and future generations.”

Phil has traveled to all 64 counties in Colorado and understands what is at stake. In this recent video from the campaign trail, he shares his observations on the effects of climate along with his appreciation for the support of Conservation Colorado.

In endorsing Phil for attorney general, Conservation Colorado joins a respected group of Colorado environmental leaders, including Alice Madden, former Majority Leader of the Colorado House of Representatives and strong supporter of environmental protections, and Charles Wilkinson, a recipient of the National Wildlife Federation’s National Conservation Award who led the fight to protect the Bear Ears Monument.

Learn more about Phil’s plan to protect Colorado’s land, air, and water.

Phil Weiser Kicks Off General Election Campaign for Attorney General with Summer Listening Tour

Weiser’s Statewide Travel Underscores Commitment to Engage and Serve all Coloradans as Attorney General

Phil Weiser’s AG campaign released summer travel plans for the Democratic nominee. Weiser is set to hold events across Colorado and engage with voters in every corner of the state. Weiser – who visited all 64 counties during his primary campaign – will continue his listening tour with stops planned in the High Country and the Roaring Fork Valley next week. Later this month, he will travel to Southern Colorado and the San Luis Valley. In August, Weiser will hold events across the Western Slope and in Northeastern Colorado.

“In every county I have visited,” Weiser explained of his primary campaign travels, “I have learned about the challenges facing Coloradans in different communities. I am committed to representing all Coloradans as the next Attorney General. That is why I am focused on bringing high-speed broadband internet service to all communities, fighting for affordable healthcare, leading on sound water management, addressing the opioid epidemic, and promoting high-quality, accessible education and economic opportunities in all parts of the state.”

As the Dean of CU Law and as a leader in the U.S. Department of Justice, Weiser travelled to different parts of Colorado to learn from leaders in local communities. Similarly, as an AG candidate, Weiser has made such visits a hallmark of his campaign. Over the course of this summer, Weiser will meet with Coloradans from diverse communities, including local leaders, law enforcement, and elected officials, to hear their concerns and share his vision for how the Attorney General can ensure the programs and laws here in Colorado take into account the needs of all Colorado. He will host meet and greet events and other public sessions to hear directly from Coloradans about what they seek from their elected officials.

In July, Weiser has stops planned in Alamosa, Carbondale, Del Norte, Edwards, Frisco, Glenwood Springs, Ordway, Walsenburg, and more.

In August, Weiser has trips scheduled for Craig, Cortez, Durango, Fort Morgan, Grand Lake, Grand Junction, Greeley, Gunnison, Idaho Springs, Montrose, Pagosa Springs, Ridgway, Rifle, the San Luis Valley, Steamboat Springs, Sterling, and beyond.

Weiser, who lives in Denver, will continue to campaign across the Front Range and along the I-25 corridor, from Longmont and Fort Collins to Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

Event details will be posted at the campaign’s website. For schedule updates and more information about Weiser’s campaign, as well as his stance on important issues facing Coloradans this year, go to

Phil Weiser Wins Democratic Attorney General Race

DENVER, Saturday, June 30 – The Phil Weiser for Attorney General campaign today announced Weiser has won the Democratic primary for Attorney General of Colorado. With 100 percent of counties reporting, Weiser received 50.43 percent of votes cast, to 49.57 percent cast for State Representative Joe Salazar of Thornton. He now goes on to face Republican George Brauchler in November.

In response to this victory, Weiser issued the following statement:

“I am humbled and honored by this win. I had a great call with Joe Salazar earlier today, and we are excited to work together to ensure Colorado has a Democratic Attorney General in 2018. Joe is a fierce advocate for social justice and a true fighter for those less fortunate, from the homeless to those treated unfairly by our criminal justice system. I am a far better candidate because of the experience running against him in this primary and share his commitment to listening to those who are not often heard.

“Coloradans care deeply about fairness and equal justice for all. Like Joe, I am excited by the record number of voters who participated in the primary and share his commitment to making sure every voice in Colorado is heard. Indeed, 590,000 Coloradans voted this week for a Democratic Attorney General, exceeding the number of votes cast for a Republican AG by more than 176,000. It is clear that Colorado is ready for a collaborative and innovative leader in the office of Attorney General at this time when our democracy is at stake.

“I’m looking forward to continuing to engage and educate people about this office and why they should care who represents them as Attorney General. This will be a difficult election — only two Democrats have won this office in Colorado in the past 70 years. But our supporters are energized and our campaign will work tirelessly to share our vision for how this office can improve the lives of all Coloradans.”

This victory is a testament to the Weiser campaign’s statewide, grassroots organizing achievements.  Since declaring his candidacy in May 2017, Weiser has visited all 64 Colorado counties, engaged over 1,000 active volunteers, and received financial support from almost 4,000 people. In April, Weiser won the State Assembly with 53 percent of votes cast.

Gov. John Hickenlooper Backs Phil Weiser for Attorney General

Today, the Phil Weiser campaign for Attorney General announced the backing of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. The announcement makes Weiser - a former clerk for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an Obama Administration official and the Dean of CU Law - the only statewide candidate the Governor has endorsed in this election.

Governor Hickenlooper explained his decision as follows:

“At our best, we Coloradans are creative, collaborative, and inclusive. We don’t look for leaders who divide; we look for leaders who can bring us together. Phil Weiser is just this sort of leader. He is also the only candidate in the race who took and stuck to the Clean Campaign Pledge. His values have shown through in the type of campaign he’s running - a  positive, optimistic campaign about ideas aimed at building up all of Colorado. That’s the sort of leadership we need.”

The governor continued, “Phil’s track record as the executive of large legal organizations, from Barack Obama’s Justice Department to our CU Law School, shows he knows how to get things done, and get them done right. Phil will be an extraordinary Attorney General, and I wholeheartedly support him.”

Governor Hickenlooper is the eighth current or former statewide elected official to have endorsed Weiser’s campaign. Weiser has also been endorsed by former Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar, former Governors Bill Ritter and Roy Romer, and others.

The Primary Election will be held on June 26, 2018.

For a full list of endorsements and more information about Weiser’s campaign, as well as his stance on important issues facing Coloradans this election year, go to

Click here to see the full article on Denver Post.

Phil Weiser

Press Release: Phil Weiser Releases First TV Ad

Phil Weiser Releases First Television Advertisement in Race for Colorado Attorney General 

DENVER, CO, May 21, 2018 – Today, the Phil Weiser for Attorney General campaign released its first television advertisement of the 2018 election cycle. Entitled “Preoccupied,” the video depicts Weiser’s path to run and his vision for the next Attorney General of Colorado.


The 30 second spot opens with a scene of Weiser watching the 2016 presidential election results, explaining “this was the night that I decided to run for Attorney General.” The ad proceeds to show Weiser writing down all the ways “[I can] protect Colorado from Donald Trump,” on topics like voting rights, predatory lending, net neutrality, civil rights, gun safety, and protecting clean water and public lands.


“Some ideas,” explains Weiser, come from his professional experiences – working in the U.S. Department of Justice under Presidents Obama and Clinton, clerking for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and serving as Dean of CU Law School. Other ideas, continues Weiser “come from being a dad.”


The ad features appearances by Weiser’s wife, Dr. Heidi Wald, and their two children. It also features a cameo appearance by Ken Salazar, former U.S. Secretary of the Interior, U.S. Senator, and Attorney General of Colorado. Salazar was an early supporter, backing Weiser since his campaign launch in May 2017.


In the final scene of the Weiser family hiking on Mount Falcon, the narration by Weiser gives name to the ad explaining, “my kids will tell you, I’ve been a little preoccupied.” It ends with the campaign’s slogan, “Stronger. Fairer. Weiser.”


The ad will run statewide through the June 26 primary election.