Gov. John Hickenlooper Backs Phil Weiser for Attorney General

Today, the Phil Weiser campaign for Attorney General announced the backing of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. The announcement makes Weiser - a former clerk for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an Obama Administration official and the Dean of CU Law - the only statewide candidate the Governor has endorsed in this election.

Governor Hickenlooper explained his decision as follows:

“At our best, we Coloradans are creative, collaborative, and inclusive. We don’t look for leaders who divide; we look for leaders who can bring us together. Phil Weiser is just this sort of leader. He is also the only candidate in the race who took and stuck to the Clean Campaign Pledge. His values have shown through in the type of campaign he’s running - a  positive, optimistic campaign about ideas aimed at building up all of Colorado. That’s the sort of leadership we need.”

The governor continued, “Phil’s track record as the executive of large legal organizations, from Barack Obama’s Justice Department to our CU Law School, shows he knows how to get things done, and get them done right. Phil will be an extraordinary Attorney General, and I wholeheartedly support him.”

Governor Hickenlooper is the eighth current or former statewide elected official to have endorsed Weiser’s campaign. Weiser has also been endorsed by former Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar, former Governors Bill Ritter and Roy Romer, and others.

The Primary Election will be held on June 26, 2018.

For a full list of endorsements and more information about Weiser’s campaign, as well as his stance on important issues facing Coloradans this election year, go to

Click here to see the full article on Denver Post.

Leaving a Better World for Our Kids: A Father’s Thoughts from the Campaign Trail

After the last Presidential election (as captured in our TV ad), I decided to run to become Colorado’s next Attorney General because I am committed to building a better world for our children. My wife, Heidi, and I have made the campaign a family experience, taking our children on the road around Colorado and inspiring their commitment to public service.

On this Father’s Day, I wanted to reflect on the values that drive my campaign—not just as an Attorney General Candidate, but as a parent.

Defending Our Children’s Freedoms

My grandparents and mom came to the United States after surviving the Holocaust. Their experience inspires my lifelong commitment to public service and my campaign to be Colorado’s next Attorney General. My family’s journey to freedom gave me the opportunity to live the American dream and inspires my optimistic and positive outlook for building a better future. But sadly, today, many parents and grandparents watch as their children face a future where these freedoms are being attacked and eroded.

A basic question that our nation is facing in 2018 is whether we will preserve our democracy and the rule of law.  Our constitutional democracy is not something we are entitled to; we as citizens need to earn it and defend it. As a parent, I feel the urgent call to fight for it.

From standing up to dark money to fighting gerrymandering, the issues facing Colorado’s next AG are about protecting future generations. 

I’m running to be Colorado’s next Attorney General to fight for our nation’s founding commitment to equal justice for all. Our nation’s history is a continuing effort to live up to the Declaration of Independence’s vision of equality.  A lesson from our history is that when one of us is subject to illegal discrimination, we are all at risk.  This lesson is personal to me because of my family’s story.

To defend this commitment and work toward a time when all parents can feel safe about their children’s futures, we need a State Attorney General who will live up to Colorado Governor Ralph Carr’s historical example of refusing to intern Japanese-Americans. We need an Attorney General who will partner with and stand up for our immigrant communities—and one with the constitutional law and Supreme Court experience to win that fight. As Attorney General, I will challenge hate speech, stand up for diversity and inclusion, and fight for equal justice for all. I will also work tirelessly so that the youngest and most vulnerable among us are protected and so parents like myself can trust in the American ideal of freedom and opportunity for all.

Preventing Gun Violence

I still remember being in my home in Denver when I heard about the Columbine massacre and asking, “How could this happen?”  Today, our kids are asking “Where will this happen next?”  We have to do more, and we have to do better.

For my family, like many families, the March for our Lives was a powerful expression of the passion and commitment of young people today. Young people are teaching adults about bravery and true leadership to create change. During that march, I talked with high school students who are volunteering on my campaign about how I would address this issue as our next Attorney General. I also explained in a blog post and in a short video how I would lead on gun safety, defending and enforcing our current common sense gun laws, improving our laws, and working on other initiatives to prevent gun violence.

We cannot be complacent on this issue or accept the false claim that the Second Amendment prevents common sense gun safety measures. We have to fight for our children’s lives.

 Fighting Climate Change and Protecting Our Land, Air, and Water

The fight for our land, air, and water is about our children’s future and the world they will inherit from us. Our kids’ future is under attack from climate change. As a concerned parent, it is my duty to stand up for our land, air, and water and children’s future.

Our current Attorney General is failing on this important obligation, joining with Scott Pruitt’s agenda to undermine critical protections.  As I explained in a blog post on Earth Day, we need our Attorney General to stand up for Colorado and be strong enough to challenge the federal government when it fails us. Using my legal and leadership experience, that’s exactly what I will do as our next Attorney General. 

Empowering the Next Generation

My wife, Heidi, and I have engaged our children in this campaign and given them the opportunity to learn about our democracy and our state. It continues to be an inspiring experience that has changed our family forever.  I have visited all sixty-four counties, bringing one or both kids to many of them.  I brought my children on stage—with 3,500 engaged Democrats in the audience—for my speech at the State Assembly

Most importantly, my children joined me to listen to the citizens of Colorado, learning about your concerns, from the opioid epidemic to the lack of broadband Internet access to rising health care costs, and your dreams for a Colorado where everyone is treated equally and given a fair opportunity to succeed.  Those conversations will stay with me and my family, however this campaign turns out, making us better people and better citizens.  This engagement as a family—and as a father—will remain central to the campaign I will run to be Colorado’s next Attorney General.  Thanks to everyone who has joined us on this journey.