Tonight, Colorado voters elected Phil Weiser as the state’s 39th Attorney General. The victory once again emphasizes the appeal of the first-time candidate’s authenticity, integrity and message of justice and equality for all Coloradans. In the general election, Weiser’s “people-powered campaign” overcame over $5.8 million in attacks funded by out-of-state, dark money interests.

Addressing his supporters, Weiser reflected on the campaign trail and the opportunity ahead:

“We in Colorado have a unique opportunity to be a model for our nation during a challenging time. The hard issues we can confront—building an inclusive Colorado, managing our water in the face climate change, addressing the opioid epidemic, and providing accessible and affordable health care, to name a few—are challenges that are not being addressed in Washington.

“By working to bring people together to address these issues, we will demonstrate the best of what our nation stands for. I look forward to working with an amazing group of leaders in this room and around our state, along with dedicated professionals in the Attorney General’s office, to do just that.”

Thanking his opponent, George Brauchler, Weiser noted that the election presented voters with a clear choice between different visions for the office. He also thanked Joe Salazar, his opponent on the primary ballot, for a substantive primary debate and support that helped achieve victory in the general.

He concluded his remarks with a call to action for supporters, to remain engaged and collaborative:

“I needed your engagement to win this campaign, but I will need you even more to work with me as we take on important challenges together. I am eager to work with anyone who has good ideas to help move Colorado forward. Because together, as your Attorney General, we have some work to do.”

Since declaring his candidacy in May 2017, Weiser ran a substantive and people-powered campaign, visiting all 64 Colorado counties and engaging over 1,000 active volunteers. In total, over 70 officials and organizations endorsed Weiser for Attorney General, and more than 8,500 individuals backed his campaign financially.