During this campaign, I have engaged people around Colorado, listened to their concerns, and talked about why the Attorney General’s office is the most important state office that nobody knows about.  The Attorney General is the People’s Lawyer–and, working together, our AG can lead on a range of challenges facing our state.  My campaign to be our next AG has prepared me even better to take on those challenges and, through the authentic relationships I have built around the state, I am more inspired than ever to work with leaders across Colorado to make our democracy work for everyone. To be able to get to work, we need to win this campaign by communicating what the AG does and why this role is so important to protecting our rights and our state.

First and foremost, the AG — as the People’s Lawyer — protects Colorado, its people, and the sovereignty of our state. The Attorney General leads an office of 500 people, 300 of whom are attorneys working on your behalf. In addition to serving as the lawyer for the state of Colorado and most of its governmental organizations, the Attorney General is a leader, managing an $80 million budget and working with communities statewide.

Our AG stops companies from cheating consumers, protects our state’s land, water, and air; and  leads the way when the federal government acts illegally in ways that hurt Coloradans.Over my 24-year legal career — working in the Justice Department, the White House, the Supreme Court, and here in Colorado — I have worked on consumer protection cases, civil rights cases, regulations that protect consumers, and advised our Governor. And, in what is my deepest personal commitment, I will fight for opportunity for all Coloradans.

As our next Attorney General, I will be the lawyer for all the people of Colorado, demonstrating the promise and potential of this office to serve our state.

The Attorney General Protects Our Natural Resources

As your next Attorney General, I will continue Colorado’s leadership on protecting our land, air, and water, which includes rejecting former U.S. EPA head Scott Pruitt’s denial of climate change. I’ll defend rules we have recently developed to address methane emissions during oil and gas development, and I’ll follow Ken Salazar’s example of reinvigorating environmental enforcement at the Colorado AG’s office. When Ken was our AG, he established an environmental crimes unit and brought cases that protected our land, air, and water, such as his action to address the water contamination involving the Summitville Mine. And Ken Salazar has endorsed me in this race because he believes I am the best candidate to protect our water (including helping the negotiations related to the Colorado River Compact), fight to keep our public lands public, and stand up to the EPA when they undermine protections that keep Colorado’s air clean.

The Attorney General Fights for Opportunities for All

I worked with President Obama–who has endorsed me–in the aftermath of the Great Recession to make life better for all Americans.  Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked hard to build an environment where Colorado entrepreneurs can create new companies, where all Coloradans have access to broadband Internet service,  and where, even without a college degree, Coloradans can have access to good-paying jobs. As a candidate, I’ve travelled to all 64 counties, most of them twice, and visited places like the Western Slope and the San Luis Valley on numerous occasions, learning about what Coloradans need and want from their public officials. As your AG, I will continue this leadership, working with leaders around the State, and making Colorado a model for the US.

The Attorney General Upholds American Values on the State Level and Beyond

For those of us who are angered by the developments in Washington, we need leadership at the state level to represent our values and protect Colorado. During a time when President Trump has proposed unconstitutional attacks on immigrants, Jeff Sessions has failed to uphold the critical protections of the Affordable Care Act, and the EPA has undermined  environmental policies that protect Colorado’s clean air, it is states like Colorado that are providing a check on federal overreach. In particular, State AGs are leading the fight to preserve our cherished American values and, with new leadership in the Colorado AG’s office, we can make Colorado a model for the nation, ensuring all Coloradans are treated fairly and afforded the protections provided by federal and state law (such as the ban on discrimination in health care insurance for those with pre-existing conditions).

Protecting the freedoms of all Coloradans is deeply personal to me. I am the first in my family to be born an American citizen — a right, guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment, which our President has threatened to undermine.  My mom was born in a concentration camp at the end of World War II and came to this country for its freedoms and opportunity when she was six. Early in my career, I worked for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg when the Supreme Court struck down Colorado’s anti-gay law (Amendment 2) and when women were first admitted to the Virginia Military Institute.  As our next Attorney General, I welcome the opportunity to vigorously defend our civil rights, including those of women, LGBTQ individuals, and immigrants.

The Attorney General Works for You, Not Special Interests

Not so long ago, races for Attorney General didn’t get much attention or support. But with the funding from special interests groups,  the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) has targeted AG races around the country to move their agenda, even in progressive states. In Colorado’s last AG election, RAGA put five times as much money into the race as Cynthia Coffman raised herself. In my election this year, RAGA has spent close to $6 million dollars of out-of-state dark money from undisclosed special interests groups, outpacing my opponent’s fundraising and spending by close to 10  to 1.

Why do these special interests care so much about AG races?  Because the Attorney General’s office can either be a powerful engine for protecting people or be used in counterproductive ways. Led by an innovative AG committed to protecting people, the office defends our constitutional freedoms, stands up for consumers when insurance companies or irresponsible businesses take advantage of them, leads on reforming our criminal justice system, and protects our land, air, and water from polluters. Recently, however, our AG’s office has focused less on solving problems and more on advancing AG Cynthia Coffman’s political agenda.  That agenda included suing Boulder County for its management of oil and gas development, failing to even talk with them or give them a heads up prior to filing a lawsuit. That type of action–focused on scoring political points rather than solving problems–is the wrong sort of leadership from our AG for Colorado.

What You Can Do

The election is only four days away.  That means your involvement is more important than ever. Democracy is not a spectator sport, and we need all players on the field in these final days.

Up through 5pm on election night, we will be launching canvasses across Colorado. Your time and energy to knock doors and make phone-calls is precious to us. Potential voters who have face-to-face contact with volunteers are 30-40% more likely to vote. Click here to sign up to volunteer.

Voters are still educating themselves and making critical decisions about which candidates they support up through election day, and media buys are an important resources to help us reach them. Every dollar counts in helping us reach our goals in these final days. If you can, please consider donating; even $20 to help us reach over 1,000 voters on digital media.

If you’re taking the time to read this blog and find out how you can help, I know you’ll vote. But your friends might not do the same. You can sign up for Voter Chase, an interactive app that allows you to see if your friends have voted, and encourage them to if they haven’t. People are more likely to vote when someone close to them encourages them to, so call your friends, neighbors, and parents to make sure they’ve cast their ballot!

And finally, vote as if your rights depend on it — because they do.