When I launched my campaign, I committed to being authentic, straightforward, and presenting a positive vision to the citizens of Colorado. Over the last 18 months, I have stayed true to the core optimism that animates my commitment to public service. I knew that this election would test whether I could win this race through a commitment to an elevated and positive dialogue with the voters.

In the face of the Republican Attorney General’s Association latest attack ad, which makes deceptive and sensational claims about my career and values, I had a choice to make in terms of how to respond. My belief is that cynical and deceptive attack ads seek to divide us, debase the public discussion, and undermine our democracy. In this case, the ad also sought to distract voters from the important issues–and the comparison of my and my opponent’s stance on them–that voters will face when they elect our next Attorney General.

Just this weekend, a nonpartisan fact-check by the Denver Post’s newsroom reviewed the ad and debunked every one of the claims it reviewed as “misleading.”
Source: Ad Fact Check, Denver Post, October 27, 2018

Because I am committed to fighting for our democracy and building trust with voters, I responded to this attack by explaining the truth and what is at stake in this election. (You can see my response below.)  I believe that the damage done through divisive rhetoric and attacks on our institutions threaten our democracy. They also disrespect the voters.

"[T]he ad about Weiser’s pro bono work is especially troublesome by the way it intimates that Weiser is unfit for public service for defending constitutional rights."
Source: Below the Belt, Grand Junction Sentinel, October 26, 2018

The issue addressed in the ad was my work on a pro bono civil case for the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. It is a significant honor to be asked by a panel of judges to address an important issue of constitutional law. I did not choose the case or the client. And I never sought to defend the prisoner’s actions (as a criminal defense attorney or otherwise). My job was to defend his constitutional rights, in particular, equal justice under law and due process. This principle is a bedrock of our Constitution–due process is provided to everyone, even for the most abhorrent of criminals.

To suggest that defending a prisoner’s constitutional rights means you support their crimes is offensive to the concept that we are all committed to the rule of law.
Source: Anti-Weiser Ads Disrespect Our Right to Counsel and Must Be Condemned

By The Hon. David L. Wood, a lifelong Republican who is a former President of the Colorado Bar Association and elected District Attorney for Larimer and Jackson Counties, joined with former Democratic DA Stan Garnett, Denver Post, October 26, 2018

My career in the law and public service has focused on defending equal justice under law and fighting for civil rights. That’s exactly what I will do–for all Coloradans–as your next Attorney General. The rule of law and due process should not be partisan issues. For our democracy to survive, we need to defend our most basic constitutional values and reject cynical, attack politics that seeks to undermine democracy and the rule of law to win elections.

From the early responses to this appalling ad (including a powerful editorial by the Grand Junction Sentinel and a great op-ed in the Denver Post), I am more optimistic than ever that our approach will win this election and help us fight for our constitutional rights and our democracy. Please join our campaign and help us do just that.