“Phil Weiser is a true innovator and dedicated public servant. We need more people like Phil in public office and that’s why I am proud to join President Barack Obama in my endorsement. I’ve seen firsthand his commitment to the values that make Colorado a leader in protecting our land, air, and water, and building a clean energy future. The people of Colorado deserve an Attorney General like Phil to protect those values, fight for hard-working Americans, and ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with equal justice under the law.”

– Joe Biden, Former Vice President of the United States

What I Learned from Joe Biden

Working with Vice President Joe Biden in the Obama White House was a highlight of my career.  His approach to public policy taught me the importance of understanding issues from the perspective of hard-working people — from farmers to police officers to family members.  Vice President Biden always sought to ensure we developed policies that are fair and easy to understand.  I continue to admire his deep and genuine interest in people, which makes him such an outstanding and highly respected public servant.

Vice President Biden oversaw the Recovery Act, which included working to promote broadband deployment across the United States, encouraging energy innovation, and building an interoperable wireless broadband network for first responders.  I had the great opportunity to spearhead the broadband initiative with the VP’s office, and under his leadership, we brought a sense of urgency and valuable human element to the mission — focusing on the police officer or firefighter whose life could be saved by such a network.

The Vice President was famous for asking “how would I explain this to my grandmother?” – something I could easily relate to. When I joined Vice President Biden on stage in Colorado to highlight our state as a center of energy innovation, he asked me how he could explain the importance of energy innovation to his grandmother.

Like Vice President Biden, I often think of my grandmother, who I called Bubby. Indeed, my Bubby, like Vice President Biden, was positive and resilient in her disposition.  She believed in a better future, and as an immigrant to the United States, she deeply appreciated what our country stands for—treating everyone equally and being fair to all.  Those are the values Vice President Biden stands for, my family stands for, and the very values that are at the heart of my campaign.  I am honored to have the support and endorsement of Vice President Biden – one of our country’s most inspiring leaders.