Weiser Vows to Overcome Dark Money Election Influence with People-Powered Campaign

DENVER, Thursday, August 2 – Phil Weiser’s campaign for Attorney General raised over $245,000 in monetary contributions in the first month of the general election. These funds came from roughly 900 unique donors, more than 75 percent of whom hail from Colorado. In total, Mr. Weiser’s campaign has received contributions from nearly 5,000 unique donors, 80 percent of whom live in Colorado. His campaign begins the month of August with over $267,000 cash on hand.

In an election where the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) has already spent well over $500,000 on behalf of his opponent George Brauchler, Weiser highlighted the significance of his donor-base and volunteers:

“I am proud to run a transparent and people-powered campaign. I am inspired by the enthusiastic engagement of our supporters who have embraced our vision of principled and innovative leadership. As a candidate for office and as Colorado’s next Attorney General, I am deeply committed to fighting for our democracy. Together, we will overcome the corrosive influence of dark money that is eroding confidence in our elections, sowing distrust in our institutions, and undermining good governance.”

RAGA has already spent over $535,000 in television advertisements on behalf of Brauchler. By contrast, the Brauchler campaign reported less than $30,000 raised from disclosed donors during this most recent reporting period.

Last cycle, RAGA invested a historic amount–approaching $3 million- in the 2014 campaign of Republican Attorney General Cynthia Coffman. The Washington, D.C.-based organization collects and spends large amounts of “dark money,” including from out-of-state companies seeking to influence elections without disclosing their involvement.

Earlier this week, Weiser’s campaign was endorsed by Fight for Reform, the non-federal arm of End Citizens United, the largest grassroots organization dedicated to fighting against dark money in politics, for campaign finance reform, and for the overturning of the Citizens United decision.