Conservation Colorado, the state’s largest statewide environmental advocacy organization, announced this week its endorsement of Phil Weiser for Attorney General.

“When it comes to safeguarding our environment and our Colorado way of life, one of the most important elected officials in Colorado is the attorney general. As the lawyer for the people of Colorado, the Attorney General has the power to act on behalf of all Coloradans and uphold our values,” said Maria Handley, acting executive director of Conservation Colorado. “Phil Weiser will ensure that Colorado prioritizes the health and safety of our people and our environment. As Attorney General, he will be a leader in addressing climate change, preventing unsafe oil and gas development, and protecting our public lands and rivers.”

Phil added, “I am honored to be endorsed by Conservation Colorado, Colorado’s largest state environmental organization. As Attorney General, I will lead the fight to address the reality of climate change, not deny it. I will protect our public lands and ensure we have clean air and water, standing up to the Trump  agenda and suing our federal government when necessary to protect Colorado. I am proud to join Conservation Colorado, which has led the way for over 50 years to protect Colorado’s land, air, and water, to fight for our children and future generations.”

Phil has traveled to all 64 counties in Colorado and understands what is at stake. In this recent video from the campaign trail, he shares his observations on the effects of climate along with his appreciation for the support of Conservation Colorado.

In endorsing Phil for attorney general, Conservation Colorado joins a respected group of Colorado environmental leaders, including Alice Madden, former Majority Leader of the Colorado House of Representatives and strong supporter of environmental protections, and Charles Wilkinson, a recipient of the National Wildlife Federation’s National Conservation Award who led the fight to protect the Bear Ears Monument.

Learn more about Phil’s plan to protect Colorado’s land, air, and water.