We kicked off this campaign 300 days ago and we’ve accomplished so much together.

I want to focus on two stats that really illustrate the strength of our campaign: the number of volunteers and the number of counties I’ve visited.

So far we’ve recruited more than 800 volunteers and been to 48 counties. To me, that shows that we’re getting out and talking to Coloradans about our plans and hearing from them about what is on their minds.  And visits to the other 16 counties (and then some) are already set up and posted on my website; if you know people around the state, please encourage them to come meet me. This is how campaigns are won or lost.

I’ve said it a million times: this is a grassroots-powered campaign (with 952 iced teas splashed in) that would not be functioning — let alone be this successful — without your support. We have a big challenge ahead, building on our support at the caucuses last night and moving toward the state assembly — only together will we be successful.

300 Days
Thank you for all that you have done and thank you for all that you will do,