I entered the race for Attorney General 250 days ago, and we’re approaching the halfway mark to the general election. We continue to build support and momentum each and every day across Colorado.  And today is also a milestone because it’s the first day we can collect petition signatures to ensure we are on the ballot. We have events across Colorado where you can sign a petition. I’d love your help!

Whether in a room of 200 people or talking one-on-one to a supporter at a local coffee shop, your support is powerful, and I can’t thank you enough for being on my team.

Our grassroots supporters, energize me and help drive me to work hard on this journey. Yes, the 748 iced teas are also giving me caffeine and fuel, but our supporters are the real secret sauce for this campaign. The more connected we are, the better chance our campaign has at winning.

I hope you’ll take a minute to like our Facebook page and share our content with your friends so that they too can stay connected with our campaign through content like this graphic with our updated stats (hey, no lost luggage this time!).

250 Days