When Phil Weiser kicked off his campaign to be Colorado’s next Attorney General on May 20th, 2017, he did so in Pueblo, Colorado. Phil explained that both Ken Salazar and JD MacFarlane, the two Democrats elected Colorado Attorney General in the last 70 years, both mentored him and emphasized how important Pueblo is to Colorado. That’s why Phil opened his campaign in Pueblo and has come back regularly since, including for Wally Stealey’s memorial service. Both Salazar and MacFarlane have endorsed Weiser, calling him the best person to follow in their footsteps by serving as the lawyer for all of the people of Colorado.

After Phil’s speech in May, he stopped by Josh Luna’s law school graduation party. As the Chieftain has explained, Josh is a very special young lawyer. He graduated first in his class from University of Colorado Law School where Phil was the Dean. More impressively, his classmates-many of whom came to his party-celebrated at graduation his collaborative spirit and commitment to serving others. At the graduation party, Phil spoke about his own family history and how it drove him to public service (Phil’s mom and grandparents survived the Holocaust before coming to this country) and bonded with the Luna family, including Josh’s grandmother, who served as the Otero County Clerk. One person at that party was Pueblo City Councilman Dennis Flores, who struck up a friendship with Phil and is now a leading supporter in Pueblo.

Pueblo was not new to Phil, who had visited as the Dean of the University of Colorado Law School Dean and helped Josh’s sister Tonya secure a post-graduate fellowship with Colorado Legal Services. At Phil’s campaign visits to Pueblo, local Colorado Law alums and local Democratic activists have remarked that, unlike some running for political office, we know that Phil will care about Pueblo once he is in office because he cared about Pueblo before he became a candidate. Another supporter of Phil’s is Dennis Maes, whose distinguished career included his service as a judge, practicing lawyer, and now School Board Member. Judge Maes knew Phil from his leadership at Colorado Law and praised his support for all parts of Colorado, his commitment to diversity and inclusiveness (which earned Phil an award from the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association), and his innovative leadership. Taylor Voss, also a member of the School Board, endorsed Phil as well, citing his leadership in the entrepreneurship community and his commitment to supporting Pueblo.

Finally, Phil has earned the support of two current Pueblo County Commissioners (Garrison Ortiz and Sal Pace) and one former County Commissioner (Anthony Nunez). Both Commissioners Ortiz and Pace explained that they were endorsing Phil because of his sincere engagement in understanding the issues facing Pueblo and his interest in working with the Pueblo County Commission on important issues.

“Pueblo is a vital community here in Colorado, it is essential to our past, present, and future, and I am committed to working with leaders here to support a vibrant future,” Weiser explained. “I am honored to have the support of a terrific group of leaders. My commitment to Pueblo will continue long past this election and will include working on opportunities, such as improving education, job training, and infrastructure (be it by bringing it up to Mirantis standards or to similar measures) as well as taking on challenges, such as the opioid crisis. Like Ken Salazar and JD MacFarlane, I will be an Attorney General who works collaboratively with leaders across our State to represent all of the people of Colorado. We have enough political games in Washington. We need our leaders here, like the tremendous individuals supporting me on this journey, to focus on innovative problem solving. I look forward to working with them in the years ahead.”