Phil Weiser and JD MacFarlane

Guest Commentary: Why Phil Weiser Is The Right Choice for Our Next AG

By JD MacFarlane

In 1974, I was elected as Colorado’s Attorney General. I was part of a group of leaders around our nation dedicated to reform and renewal in the wake of the Watergate crisis. Today, we face a similar challenge. To meet this challenge, we need to elect Phil Weiser as our next Attorney General.

In 2018, we need an Attorney General who will bring energy, innovation, and vision to this important office. Phil Weiser will be that Attorney General. I first met Phil when he was the Dean of the University of Colorado Law School. At a time when law school applications fell by 40%, CU Law’s applications rose by 10%. At a time when student debt was rising, the average indebtedness of CU Law students fell by $16,000. Phil was a tireless champion for CU Law students, making their employment a top priority and landing CU Law in the top twenty nationwide for employment placement with over 96% employment rate nine months after graduation. Phil made diversity and inclusiveness a top priority, earning recognition from the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association and partnering with key organizations like the Center for Legal Inclusiveness and the Colorado Women’s Bar Association.

Our Attorney General’s office is the largest law firm in Colorado. For today, our challenge is to find a leader who can lead the office and deliver better results for the people of Colorado. The office is not serving Coloradans effectively; instead, it has prioritized political cases (like suing, rather than collaborating with, Boulder County when it was working on an oil and gas ordinance). It has refused to work with our Governor, forcing him to hire private counsel to represent Colorado. Phil will bring a collaborative, professional, and innovative approach to the office, as he did as an official in the Obama Administration, and in building the highly successful Silicon Flatirons Center on Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship at CU.

Phil is committed to engaging and serving the entire State as our next Attorney General. As CU Law Dean, Phil created a loan repayment program, supporting graduates who went to work in underserved areas and gave special scholarships to encourage students to work outside Denver/Boulder during the summers. At the Silicon Flatirons Center that he founded and runs at CU, he leads Startup Colorado, which has supported the development of startup communities in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and Boulder and is now focused on supporting startup communities throughout the State. Phil’s campaign to be our next Attorney General is taking him throughout the State, with a focus on issues that matter to southern, western, and eastern Colorado, including bringing broadband Internet access to our entire State, combatting the opioid crisis, encouraging competition and lower rates in health insurance, and protecting water rights.

I know from personal experience that having the right person as Attorney General matters greatly to our State. I am excited, along with our other elected Democratic Attorney General Ken Salazar, to support Phil’s campaign. His focus on defending our freedoms, fighting for opportunity for all Coloradans, and protecting our land, air, and water is what we need from our next Attorney General during this challenging time. Please join me in supporting his campaign.

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The values of the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers World Series exhibited the same qualities that Phil Weiser, candidate for Colorado Attorney General, wants to bring to the Colorado Attorney General office: hard work, dedication, a refusal to give up, and real ingenuity. Congratulations to the Houston Astros and looking forward to celebrating the Colorado Rockies' first World Series victory next year.

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