Last Friday marked the 100th day of this campaign. While we have a long road ahead of us, I wanted to share some stats with you from these first 100 days (the graphic, and below, the stats are typed out).

100 Day Graphic
100 Day Graphic
  • Drove 5,748 miles
  • Held events in 31 counties
  • Drank 263 iced teas
  • Met with 2,245 Coloradans
  • Recruited 300+ volunteers
  • Won 1 bake-off with Bubby’s rugelach recipe
  • Lost 1 suitcase

This adventure has broadened my perspective on our great state and the issues we are facing in the years ahead — and is a lot of fun. During the last 100 days, I have met so many great Coloradans as I have traveled all over our great state. And I’ve only lost 1 suitcase along the way (in Craig, Colorado and I have since retrieved it)!

Here’s to many more days of campaigning around our beautiful state and getting to know many truly special fellow Coloradans.