Protect our environment and fight climate change

In Colorado, we are committed to environmental protection and protecting our quality of life. We will develop innovative policies to support cleaner forms of energy and ensure that oil and gas extraction is safe and managed appropriately.

Our current Attorney General has de-emphasized environmental protection.  With President Trump undermining the EPA, we need an Attorney General who can protect our environment and keep Colorado as a national leader in this arena.

Our past two Governors, John Hickenlooper and Bill Ritter, have helped make Colorado a model for the nation, developing the foundation for a new energy economy and solving environmental policy issues in an innovative manner. Their work prepared Colorado to meet the requirements of President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which was challenged—over the wishes of our Governor—by our current Attorney General.

Governor Hickenlooper, working with leaders from the oil and gas industry and the environmental community, developed regulations on methane emissions from the oil and gas extraction process. After the EPA was about to adopt them as a national model, our Attorney General undermined this good work by suing the EPA.