Economic Growth

Economic Growth

Support a growing Colorado economy

Colorado’s innovative policies are helping our citizens prepare for the 21st century economy and helping businesses grow by:

  • creating cutting-edge K-12 educational offerings (including distance learning for all parts of our state);
  • building first-class infrastructure (including broadband) throughout our state;
  • developing pathways for those without a college education to develop the skills necessary to succeed in our 21st century economy (including through the CareerWise Initiative I am on founding Board of);
  • by using taxation revenues on marijuana to support college education (in Pueblo County); and

by supporting an environment where entrepreneurs can start companies and succeed (as supported by efforts like the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network that I helped to bring to Colorado).

As Attorney General, I will work with our Governor to support the development of a 21st century economy here in Colorado, looking for ways to support entrepreneurship, ensuring that government does not protect incumbents over new entrants, and fighting any barriers to new entry that get in the way of our citizens finding jobs or developing businesses.