Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

Protect competition and consumers

In a world where more concentrated industries and deceptive practices are taking advantages of consumers, I will fight to protect consumers and competition.

In Colorado, we must be prepared to protect our consumers when the federal government is turning its back on consumer protection, privacy, and antitrust enforcement. We need a state Attorney General here who can fight for us and be a national leader on these issues.  With effective leadership in this area, we create a climate where responsible businesses can grow and thrive at the same time that we protect consumers.

On the consumer protection front, we will work with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is the agency that stopped Wells Fargo’s unconscionable practice of creating bank accounts for consumers without their knowledge or consent to earn an extra buck.

On the competition front, we are seeing the results of an economy where too many industries are overly concentrated, such as the airlines, who responded to lower fuel costs by taking in record profits and providing consumers free peanuts.   As Attorney General, I will challenge mergers that reduce competition in a way that will harm consumers.